Sunday, August 31, 2014

Straight Talk on Infertility Stuff~Part Two

This is part two of Straight Talk on Infertility Stuff.  Read part one at:
Infertility Meds-Uh, can we talk about something else?  They were delivered in a large box that I couldn't open for 2 days.  I took shots at 7:00 in the morning and 7:00 at night and HATED everything about it.  Getting used to the idea of giving yourself a shot takes some time.  I really thought I would be fine with it, but ended up chickening out and made my amazing hubby do it.  Twice a day he lovingly stuck me with a needle knowing it caused me pain.  He hated it just as much but kept telling me, "This is a means to an end."  It stung a little going in and I felt queasy for about an hour after.  I did find myself becoming quite emotional, but don't know if it was due to the meds or the whole situation.  There is also a estrogen patch that some might have to wear throughout the process as well and this is probably the easiest thing by far.

Emotions-They go, they go down, and your head just seems to never stop spinning around.  It's so hard to keep from getting angry, crying at the drop of a hat, or feeling numb.  It's important to tell your closest friends and family members that you will be extra sensitive and a little...not your self.  I found that I just curled up with my thoughts.  Those closest to me, went above and beyond by reaching out with meals, distractions, and sweet words.  My hubby was a champ throughout the whole event and I've never felt more blessed to have him by my side.  There were some rough times, but he understood that this was only for a short time.

Egg Release-This happens when your eggs do not grow according to schedule, you have a "rogue egg," or they just aren' "right."  We walked into our appointment so excited to see how the medications had worked and how we were one step closer to the actual surgery date.  Unfortunately, I had a "rogue egg" and was given a pre-filled syringe to take that evening to release the eggs.  While some may see this as a part of the process, I felt as if my body had betrayed me and our dreams of starting a family had once again been dashed.  For two days I wallowed in my sorrow while my body reacted to the shot.  Large red welts spread all over my stomach and I was quite feverish.  Never had I ever been so hot in all my life.  The welts soon disappeared while hot flashes remain-get used to those, it seems as if you'll never cool down!

Continuing On-We find ourselves now continuing on with a different type of treatment and the time we wait has never been more exasperating!  The amount of bills compete with the same amount of emotions as we wait and pray for my body to work with the new dates circled on the calendar.  Sensitivities are high as we once again allow ourselves to hope and dream of the family we are meant to be.  We busy ourselves with work, friends, cook outs, parties, and the 8 families in our lives who find themselves pregnant or giving birth all within the same 2 months.  This too brings another bought of emotions, but nothing brings us more happiness than to help welcome a new babe into this world.  Prayers and well wishes for own babe are appreciated, donations towards our fund continue to trickle in:  We are ever so greatful for the people who've made meals, send cards, call, and just take part in our life.  It makes continuing on a bit more easier.

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