Sunday, March 30, 2014

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Waiting for Baby Mayo~Talking to GMa

There are people in this world who will not understand the struggle of infertility.  Plain and simple, they've never had to deal with it so they can only sympathize and give their opinions.  My GMa is one of those people.  Her and my Grandpa planned their babies-"two beautiful girls"-and had them with no hiccups.  If only it were that easy!  Talking with my GMa about our infertility struggles, the possibility of adopting, and the upcoming Invitro process, has been enlightening, confusing for her sometimes, and sometimes down right hysterical!
My GMa has turned out to be one of the bright spots in this crazy time of conceiving.  Always praying and "telling God" what to do for her grandkids, she has given us much to think about and convicted us in areas of our faith.  Just yesterday, we went to lunch together, talked about upcoming appointments, and the depressing price tag.  Her answer?  "Well, have you given it God?  That's what He's there for!"  I couldn't help but chuckle at her lovely wrinkled face with all sorts of serious etched upon it.  "Yes, GMa, we are praying."  A little while later when we were driving home, the conversation again once turned to little babes and looking forward to holding them.  I told her I get a little choked up to think of her holding my child and that we will be able to have a precious 4 generation photograph.  She looked at me with a twinkle in her eye and said, "I don't mind being a Great-Grandma cause I'm already great!"  It took half a second before we were busting out laughing.  These are the moments through the pain that I never want to forget.  And I can't wait until our little one is here to meet this wonderful woman.

Who do you have in your life that is uplifting during your time of waiting?    

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Waiting For Baby Mayo~Fundraising

A lot has happened since we posted last week that we are going through the IVF process.  Friends, family, co-workers, and complete strangers have offered support, encouragement, and opportunities to fundraise!  This is something we were not expecting as we weren't quite sure fundraising for IVF would be accepted.  We have spent countless nights praying and worrying over how we are going to pay for the $20,000 IVF process let alone the medications we both have to take.  It only took two nights of feeling like we were going to have to put things on hold to get second jobs, work overtime, beg our parents and the bank for money when we got a call.  A friend of my mother's-someone we've never met-asked if she could help host a fundraiser on our behalf.  As a Thirty-One consultant, she would be willing to donate her commission to our IVF!  Two days later we added a silent auction, a jewelry consultant, a photographer, and my mom's husbands restaurant is going to donate food!  This thing got huge overnight!!!! We also were encouraged to start a gofundme page which we highly recommend for others going through the process as well.  Hey, every little bit helps!  

Fundraising is such a humbling experience.  My hubby and I really wanted to try to do this on our own, but realized really fast that we couldn't.  It took awhile to get comfortable with the idea of others helping us this way, but we also found a peaceful knowledge that our prayers were being answered.  We are so overwhelmed by the love and support coming our way, it tends to be quite emotional at times. We hope this inspires other people to use their time and talents to help other couples they may know with this process.  We are all waiting for something or someone, it helps to stay strong and positive when others are alongside you.
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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Update on Nick and Kassie's Story~And So It Begins...

This is us, in a fertility clinic.  It has taken over ten years, countless tests, a tramatic biopsy, having an overy removed, and too many drugs to count, to finally get here.  The days leading up to this appointment left us feeling anxious and hopeful.  The morning found us praying together before we left for work and praying again in our car that afternoon.  
The initial consultation was a lot of information to process, some options to think about that we didn't know would come up, and the overwhelming knowledge that several weeks of hormone shots, 2 surgeries, and $20,000 will get us pregnant.  While we have 47% chance of conceiving, we are willing to embark on this new adventure in hopes to begin our dream of a family. Hope Changes Everything.

Friday, March 14, 2014

We're on Pinterest

Do to inquiries and more opportunities to share with others, we created a Pinterest Board!  Click here:  to see the latest articles, funny pictures, and tearful stories about individuals dealing with infertility, adoption, miscarriages, and all those other things that prevent us from creating bigger and better families.  Enjoy and feel free to share your pins with us! ~K

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Love You Forever

Everyone at one time or another, has seen or heard of the Robert Munsch book, "Love You Forever."  A story about a moth who loves her baby as he grows older.  However, the author wrote this book as a song-to his two stillborn children.  After I found this out, the book took on a whole new meaning.  Check out the following link for more information: