Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Waiting For Baby Mayo~Fundraising

A lot has happened since we posted last week that we are going through the IVF process.  Friends, family, co-workers, and complete strangers have offered support, encouragement, and opportunities to fundraise!  This is something we were not expecting as we weren't quite sure fundraising for IVF would be accepted.  We have spent countless nights praying and worrying over how we are going to pay for the $20,000 IVF process let alone the medications we both have to take.  It only took two nights of feeling like we were going to have to put things on hold to get second jobs, work overtime, beg our parents and the bank for money when we got a call.  A friend of my mother's-someone we've never met-asked if she could help host a fundraiser on our behalf.  As a Thirty-One consultant, she would be willing to donate her commission to our IVF!  Two days later we added a silent auction, a jewelry consultant, a photographer, and my mom's husbands restaurant is going to donate food!  This thing got huge overnight!!!! We also were encouraged to start a gofundme page which we highly recommend for others going through the process as well.  Hey, every little bit helps!  

Fundraising is such a humbling experience.  My hubby and I really wanted to try to do this on our own, but realized really fast that we couldn't.  It took awhile to get comfortable with the idea of others helping us this way, but we also found a peaceful knowledge that our prayers were being answered.  We are so overwhelmed by the love and support coming our way, it tends to be quite emotional at times. We hope this inspires other people to use their time and talents to help other couples they may know with this process.  We are all waiting for something or someone, it helps to stay strong and positive when others are alongside you.
To donate towards the "Waiting for Baby" fundraiser, please visit our Gofundme page at:


You can purchase Thirty-One products from the Baby Mayo online party using this link: 
100% of the commission from online sales goes directly to the Baby Mayo Fundraiser!

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