Saturday, August 2, 2014

An Update on Nick and Kassie

Still Waiting

Two weeks ago, I began taking hormone shots twice a day to begin beefing up the eggs that would be "harvested" for insemination.  I really thought I would be able to give myself shots, but soon found that a shaky hand was NOT good when dealing with a needle.  So, my hubby lovingly gave me my shots every morning and every night and it always ended with a screech and a few laughs. After the week of shots, we went in to discover that my eggs had doubled in size while one tripled!  It sounds like a good thing, but in infertility world, this was not.  We want all the eggs to grow at the same rate and when one takes off like "the monster egg," we have to let them all go.  When the doctor told us that we would have to release the eggs and try again, we were devastated and shaken.  This was supposed to be the easy part!

Needless to say, the following couple days was a bit rough.  After taking the "trigger shot" to release the eggs, I ended up having a reaction to the hormones and I will leave the painful details out.  We now begin another waiting game, blood tests, and holding on to the faith that keeps us going.  We will try again with the shots one more time as the week of shots costs $3,000 and we don't want to dip into the funds we raised for surgery.  If it doesn't work the second time, we will have to awhile to heal physically and emotionally before making another decision.  In the mean time, we continue praying, working overtime and picking up odd jobs to help keep our doctor bills from piling up, and try to focus on other things happening in our life.  School will be starting up for me and Nick's job is keeping him super busy.  We haven't really told a lot of people the "calendar of events," and thank you all for the encouragement during this process.  A few friends have kept our minds off of things with trips to the zoo, swimming, dinners at our favorite pizza joint, or just having us over to hang out with their families.  These events take our minds of of things and allow us to feel somewhat "normal."

Thank you all for your inquiries, your encouragement, and love.  We couldn't do this without you!
~Nick and Kassie

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