Saturday, August 30, 2014

Straight Talk on Infertility Stuff~Part One

Sharing our stories, journeys, and adventures, allows us to experience and learn from others.  This last summer I found myself overwhelmed with infertility/fertility treatments and felt like I was floundering on my own.  So, I kept a short diary of the treatments and thought I might share them with you!~K
Fertility Calendar-Depending on who your doctor is, their most likely going to hand you a calendar of "events" for the month prior to your actual procedure date.  Our calendar had multiple abbreviations on each day and didn't allow for much additional writing.  We keep this on our fridge so we don't forget anything.  I'm going to be honest, it is super overwhelming. Seeing the end date everyday caused me to cry multiple times-from pure emotion of the fact that we are in this process.

Bills-Not my favorite thing to write about, but it is a  HUGE part of the process.  It seems like we have received a bill every other day for the last several months, and they just kept coming!!!!  There's multiple ways to pay for your treatments depending on the clinic you go to.  Our insurance doesn't cover one thing so, we pay as we go except for the actual procedure.  The entire amount is due the day of our procedure. $20,000 paid up front prior to surgery.  Talk about overwhelming!  We have saved every penny, applied for a loan, and friends and family have helped by donating towards our gofundme site:

Uterus Measuring-This is where a "balloon" is inserted in you and then filled with saline to measure the uterus and insemination path.  After awhile, the balloon is deflated and you feel like your literally peeing your pants.  Be aware-you might still have fluid inside you that will come out later.  Thank God for leather couches!  This happened to be a bit painful for me and was an experience that I absolutely hated!  I'm was so thankful to have my mother-n-law there to hold my hand.

Egg Measuring-This process isn't that bad.  They take an ultrasound wand, insert it, and just move it around measuring eggs.  It's uncomfortable, but not painful.  Get used to this procedure, it happened 5 times for me within 3 months.

Come back tomorrow for part two of Straight Talk on Infertility Stuff!

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