Sunday, September 1, 2013

Your Story Matters

When I saw the above picture, I was suddenly overwhelmed with a haunting sadness that left a smile upon my face.  So many stories have come across our path, some unbelievably sad and some with incredibly happy endings.  When we started this blog, we wanted it to be a platform for people to share their stories of the different ways their family came to be.  Whether through the natural of just being a woman and man coming together to produce life, the gift of adoption, the brilliance of medically induced pregnancies, or the countless other ways families come to be.  We also wanted this blog to be a place of celebration and peace and most of all, a place where people came to know they weren't alone.

It sometimes feels like this enormous responsibility.  It's sometimes a burden we gladly bear. especially when a story or prayer request comes along our path.  We have been heartbroken over the stories of children who've never had the chance to meet the mother and father who love them so, devastated alongside parents who find out that they have to wait just a little longer to bring their lovey home from overseas, and then overjoyed with happiness when the little one we've all been waiting join us in this life.  

These stories are of the most importance.  

They show the world the depths of which a parents love can be, just how much the human spirit can endure, and lastly, they show the condition of our hearts when we open ourselves to sharing life and all it's ups and downs with another person. Which is why, we will be showcasing updated stories from some of our "guest bloggers."  So many of you have inquired about specific stories or asked for up dates on a particular situation.  We will also be posting small devotions for those of you who need or want some encouragement while your writing your chapter.

If you are interested in sharing your story, writing a devotion, or sending some love and light to a particular family featured on the Waiting for Baby Stories blog, please email us at:  We would love to post your words and pass on your messages! 

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