Sunday, September 15, 2013

Clothe the Foster

Enkel Apparel is a new project my husband-Nick and I are involved with.  It's a clothing company that we are helping launch.  While Enkel is in the "start up" phase, the goal, once fully funded, will be the "buy-one give-one" model.  The t-shirt or item you purchase, will also buy a child in foster care a garment of their choosing.  This is an incredible tool for young people to have, especially when they find themselves at the mercy of donations.  

Please check out Enkel Apparel's website, scroll down and watch the video, scroll down more for future merchandise at:

In the video, you will hear a story about a young man who was placed in foster care with only the clothes on his back and flip flops on his feet. My husband Nick and I helped co-parent him for the last two years.  This was our first experience as a couple with the foster care system and it broke our hearts to see how broken the system is for our hometown kids.  This is our way of trying to make a difference.  

If you would like to help us make a difference, here are a couple ways YOU can help:

*Watch the video

*Like us on Facebook at:

*Give towards this project, please visit the Gofundme site at: 

*Spread the word!!!  The more people know, the more kids we can reach!!!!

Merchandise will be available Spring/Summer 2014

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