Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Let Go

Let Go.  
Just Let Go.....

*Of stating that you are infertile
*Of saying that you "will never be parents"
*Of being sad, negative, spiteful when others get pregnant
*Of avoiding the baby aisle at Target
*Of taking it out on your mate-give each other a break
*Of being logical
*Of creating excuses NOT to attend your friends and families baby showers
*Of avoiding babies-the world is full of them

Let Go.
Just Let Go....And....

*Pray to Papa-God about your fertility
*Start saying how wonderful your going to be as a mother or father
*Cry happy tears because your friend or family member is having a baby!!!
*Look at all the adorable baby items you will have to buy at Target
*Go on a date with your mate-you BOTH deserve it!
*Sometime you need a good cry.  Then go out for ice cream!
*Attend those baby showers, they will remember if you didn't when your time comes
*Love the babies in your life. Hold them and give them all the life and love you can muster-You will want others to do that for your babe.

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