Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Encourage The People In Your Life

Throughout the last 10 years, we have been each other's constant companions and champions.  We have lifted each other up with kind words and fervent prayers.  There has been many who have come along side us and encourage us with their own ways as well.  These small acts of kindness are what have brought us through several surgeries, countless doctors appointments, and very low moments in our story.  With the help of several friends and their creative ideas, we have put together a list of encouraging ways to help those in your life who may be going through similar times.
  • Send a card.  Everyone loves getting mail, especially if it isn't medical bills!!!
  • Bring a meal. There are many moments where one cannot fathom the idea of cooking.
  • Set-up a date night for the couple, movie tickets, gift card to a restaurant, etc.
  • Prepare several days of encouraging words, verses, inside a decorated box or jar.
  • Bake a dozen cookies or a batch of muffins!
  • Find ways to support the family financially through monetary gifts or gift cards.
  • Set-up a Boys/Girls night out to help the couple let loose!!!
  • Create a basket of calming trinkets of lavender, massage oils, candles, etc. 
  • Pray for the family AND let them know your praying!!!!

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