Monday, April 29, 2013

A Time To Celebrate!

I don't know about you, but the holiday I tend to dread during our time of waiting is coming up fast.  Every year when the pastel pink and purple cards start lining the aisle with advertisements for flowers and "finding the perfect gift," I can't help but to start hyperventilating and wish I was far far away.  Even church tends to be pure torture for me as they single out and celebrate the women whose wombs have been filled.  While they stand beaming with pride, I'm screaming inside for the children that have yet to become apart of my life.  Shame washes over me as I stay seated next to my adoring husband who grabs my hands and squeezes it, while others around me pat my back whispering, "Next year sweetie, I know it!"  Hello Mother's Day!

Tears fall on and off the day. Pain in the deepest part of my heart burns for a solid 24 hours. And the false smile pasted on my face as I celebrate with family gets a bit tiring as I listen to the joys and burdens of motherhood. Do I sound bitter?  I really don't mean too.  I mean, I get celebrating Mother's and Father's who work day in and day out for their children's well being.  But do we ever think about the barren, miscarried, and childless?  When is our day of celebrating?

How about now!  If your like me and despise this day, why not take maters in our own hands and celebrate the day that is to come!  This year, I encourage you to stand in your place of worship when they call for the mother's and the expecting.  You ARE expecting-in faith aren't you?  And when someone asks what's the deal, just smile and say, "I'm celebrating the children who are to come!"  Then go out with joy and live the day!  Get dressed up, relish the pastel laced cupcakes, take the day off and do something relaxing, tell your husband to buy you a card.  YOU and your future children are worth celebrating on this day!

So, will you help me celebrate this coming Mother's Day?  
Please write in and tell me how you are planning to celebrate!


  1. Bold and appropriate. Stand and take your place. You are steps ahead of some mothers who are accidental, unwanting, angry, whatever. You already love your child.
    I know this isnt what you mean, but the maternal care my children receive daily is the kind of motherhood that I really should be celebrating. It is worth a holiday- NOT a TEACHER appreciation, but truly a Happy Mothering Day to celebrate, not just appreciate, the care and love our children receive from educators, WOMEN, like you.
    My family is blessed by having you in our lives in so many ways.

  2. I would encourage you to stand up for the children you will have, however they are to enter our lives, because your children will be my beloved grandchildren. I know they will come and I know that you already are an awesome Mom. When God fills your desires this day of celebration will be ever more sweet then it already is. For I have been so blessed to be a Mom to 6 wonderful children and you my precious daughter will one day feel that same blessing in your arms. I love you and Happy Mothers Day.