Sunday, April 21, 2013

Living the Dream to be a NaPro Physician

Living the Dream to be a NaPro Physician:

Medical school was a challenge to Dr. Pakiz’ convictions. “There was an attitude that pro-life students should go into non-controversial fields like ophthalmology,” she said. “On rotations I had to be careful about the openness of my view points. Interestingly, in one class, we had small group discussions on ethical issues. The doctor leading the group was so liberal that she embraced my views because I was so different.”

“I think the most unique aspect about what we do is our approach to diagnosis and treatment, which looks for the root cause as opposed to treating symptoms. We also use the Creighton Model chart to get a deeper insight in our patients’ health.”

“Our initial evaluations are usually much longer than their previous experiences with other physicians,” said Pakiz. “And, our patients say that we are much more thorough in taking their history, too.”

But, her hard work pays off when she helps couples to achieve pregnancy and when she helps single women to become pain-free and resume normal lives with restored health. Those are her “rewards” as a NaPro physician.

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  1. We have been blessed by the approach at Pope Paul VI Institute! It IS completely different from other infertility treatments. Thank you to the doctors willing to stand out from their peers and approach medicine as tools of The Master Physician!