Friday, March 8, 2013

Another Chapter

The following link takes you to a music video called, "Who You Are" by JJ Heller.  Please watch it and then continue reading another chapter of my story.

A friend of mine sent me this video.  At first, I thought it was hauntingly sweet and really tried to not let it effect me emotionally.  It hits on this point of deep sadness that only comes from waiting or losing a child.  Little did my friend know that this video would come a day before a failed pregnancy test.  I was two whole weeks late-something that has never happened before-and felt this amazing dream rising up within me.  So much so, I broke a personal rule: NEVER buy ANYTHING for our future child.  See, if I were to buy everything and anything that tickled my fancy for our future children, their nursery's would be filled to the brim already! Yet, there was this adorable set or red baby TOMS that were on sale and I couldn't pass them up.  Besides, I was two weeks late!

However, there wasn't enough faith to turn that test positive.  Somewhere deep down there was a great 
sadness and yet, I couldn't let it take over my life.  Knowing the HE who is in the song and that HE is waiting to give the gift of child makes the negative test that much more bearable.  Those gathered within the video create a community of broken hearts looking to make it through this life without the pain swallowing them whole.  It is a reminder as to why my hubby and I created Waiting for Baby Stories and why we will continue to be a place where YOU can share your story...because YOU are not alone.

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