Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Lucas and Kelli Update

When we last met Lucas, Kelli, and their daughter Corinne, they were in the process of telling the world that they were raising funds for an adoption in Korea. Check out their story here:

Well, they have exciting news to share, they've been matched and it’s a boy!!!!!!  Kelli writes, "He is now 10 months old, weighing in at 22 lbs!  He is healthy and being well taken care of by his foster parents.  Corinne is super excited to be a big sister and I can hardly stay out of the baby clothes section at the store.  Lucas and I cannot wait to meet him, hug him, love him, and to have our beautiful family of four together."  

 "We wish we had some solid news about travel plans and so forth, but with the laws currently changing in Korea we are just going with the flow and waiting.  We are looking at not being able to bring him home until around Thanksgiving or Christmas time, which is further out than we had hoped.  There are lots of unknowns and the extended wait time is heartbreaking.  However, he's healthy and well taken care of!  We appreciate all your support and prayers, and now you have a handsome face to picture when you send those prayers up."

It's crucial that the adoptive family stay positive during this waiting time.  If you would like to offer Lucas and Kelli your support, please respond to this blog with an encouraging message or visit their Gofundme site at: 

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