Friday, January 11, 2013

Blogs, Websites, and Books about Adoption

Here at Waiting for Baby, we get several request for "helpful" information about adoption. So, we scoured the great wide web, begged our friends for the information that best helped them, and compiled the resources here in one friendly post.  Please let us know what your favorite blog/website/or book about adoption. Happy discovering!~Kassie

*Brown Babies Pink Parents-A blog about celebrating the diversity of families created by adoption:

* Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care-A blog about "natural hair care, transracial adoption, and everything in-between":

*Check out Sherrie Eldridge's website for  freebies, teaching, and coaching inspiring hearts touched by adoption:

*A Beautiful website for unmarried women who adopt and the authors of the book, "I Wish For you A Beautiful Life"-

*Check out the book, "Every Year on Your Birthday" by Rose Lewis.  A wonderful children's book about a mother's reflection on her daughter's birthdays that they shared apart from each other and then together.  You can check out her website for more information on books, activity guides, and so much more:

* Your online resource for Korean baby and Children's projects

*Circle of Mom's provides 25 blogs about adoption on this website:

*Books for children about adoption:

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