Friday, October 5, 2012

Waiting for Baby~Nick's Story~Part 1

Hi, I'm Nick and this is MY Waiting For Baby Story

This is a little harder for me to write as I am used to writing stories with analogies and BIG epiphanies that lead to some sort of profound ending, revealing conclusions to some moral dilemma.  With this story however, I am not sure I could tell you where I am going or even why I'm headed in the direction I am. So please, bare with me as all I can do is share what I have been through, seen, felt, and hope that someday you and I will come to a place of knowing a happy ending and the meaning behind it all.

My story starts a little something like this....I met my wife-Kassie-in high school. I was going through some serious medical issues and I believed that the only reason she hung out with me is because she felt bad for this six foot tall 120 pound soaking wet peer who when standing next to a white wall, would disappear due to the paleness of my skin.  None the less, I did not shy away from the pity, but embraced the attention of a the brown-eyed curvy brunette.  Through much persistence, I finally got her to agree to a date with me. 

It just so happened that the morning of our first date, I was supposed to have a colonoscopy done.  I was told it was "no big deal"  and that I could go back to school after I was done. This "no big deal of a procedure ended up landing me in the hospital. Once I awoke from delirium, I turned to my mother in a panic and asked her to call Kassie.  "Kassie who?!?" I informed my mother that we were supposed to hang out that night and could she please tell her why I was unable.  great introduction for my mom and Kassie huh?  Anyway, I was in the hospital for two weeks and not being a complete social recluse, I had a couple of friends who would stop by and make fun and draw awkward pictures of the reasons that landed me in the hospital. You know, things like aliens and probes and my derriere.  I look back now and realize it was just 16 year old boys dealing with such awkward circumstances. 

Anyhow, one afternoon a few of the guys came to visit and we moved to the family room for more room while my dad stayed back with the heart monitors and other hospital rigmarole. after a few minutes within the family room, in walked Kassie.  A few seconds later my winded, overly concerned father burst into the room with, "Nick, what's wrong?" this question was followed by crickets as the room just stared at my dad.  He, feeling that justification was needed for his actions, quickly started explaining how he was sitting in the room with my heart monitor and it started going off the charts.  About mid-thought, he scanned the room and realized that there was a brunette that was not normally amongst the group.  Realizing that it was not a medical condition, but natures response to a pretty girl, he sheepishly turned red and left the room laughing.  I turned red, Kassie turned red, and the boys just laughed.

From that day on Kassie and I were like "peas and carrots," well sort of.  I got out of the hospital and resumed a life of multiple medical test that finally revealed a tumor. It's official name-Pheochromoytoma. About eight-hundred people a year are diagnosed with this type of tumor, but are in later stages in their life. I was sort of anomaly.  It took four years for the doctors to find this and during that time, I was reminded of Romans 8:28-"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." I wasn't sure what good would come of this, but had to believe Gods plan would unfold.  Kassie stuck by my side through many hospital stays and surgeries.  Some speculated that this was way to intense for a 17 year old girl to be going through in a relationship and that she should go her separate way. To live life care free and with no worries of health and hospitals, but she didn't.  She persevered, we persevered, and by 17 & 18, we had formed a strong bond. I knew this was the woman I was going to spend the rest of my days with.

Time went on, we discussed what we wanted in life.  We both wanted to get married young, have kids early-me nine and her 4 but those were only details that could be worked out when the time came.  We both agreed we wanted to be done having children by 30.  I was a senior now and Kass had graduated a year early. And then, one September morning, I was sitting in a current events class when the librarian pulled in a TV cart  the screen was live with billowing smoke from one skyscraper and a commercial airline colliding into the second tower.  Together with my classmates I watched as the towers collapsed and hundreds died.  I couldn't help but think of Kassie at that moment and wondered where was she? Was she OK? How was she feeling about the state she'd fallen in love with as a girl? This "event" in history was a catalyst to our marrying so young.  Both in love, not being able to stand the thought of living life without the other, and not dying as virgins had me thinking of making plans to propose.

I bought a ring that wasn't much, but it was bought with all I had.  It wasn't a diamond, but amethyst. Dark purple-Kassie's favorite color.  This was something I always liked about Kassie. She's real. She doesn't need what the other girls have to feel secure about herself. Plus, she had been home schooled and had the opportunity to work in Haiti at the age of 16, walking away with a perspective about life that was rather uncommon to find amongst young teenage females.  She had an outlook that said fancy things really didn't matter when there are starving kids half way across the world.  She is deep, has a firm foundation, and is passionate about what she does.  I knew I would not find a stronger partner to experience life with.`

Knowing that Kassie was very much a lover of theatre, I decided to sing to her at a music and drama camp she was helping out at. Now, I can't carry a tune in a bucket, but I knew that she would appreciate the moment. So, I arranged for the leader of the camp to play the piano while I sang, "The Way You Look Tonight" by Tony Bennett. At the end of the talent show I crept out on stage and started singing. I walked out to the audience and grabbed Kassie by the hand to lead her to a solo chair in the middle of the stage.  By now, the kids were screaming with excitement and I'm pretty sure it really didn't matter what I was singing at that point.  Towards the end of the song, I dropped on one knee and the room erupted with the shrill of teenage girls. Kassie was bawling and I asked her to "make me the happiest man and be my wife."  She said, "Yes" and thus began a year long engagement.

We spent the year in pre-marriage counseling and meeting God in every way through the preparations and plans of the wedding.  Eventually, the time came and we were man and wife.  We moved into a VERY small apartment and two months later moved out and into her grandmothers house after the death of her grandfather.  Time went by and there was no sight of children....

....stay tuned for part two of MY Baby Story.

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