Monday, November 4, 2013

Update on Nick and Kassie's Story

It's been awhile since our last "baby update," not that there's anything to tell, but we know people wonder and are afraid to ask so, here's where we're at.  Things have seemed to come to a complete standstill for the time being.  For us, this is what we hate the most about going through this "waiting storm."  While we're grateful that there are no backwards steps, it's frustrating because nothing moves forward.  This has brought about many late nights, blank stares into the abyss, and short tempers due to the frustration that we can do nothing to change our situation.

Which is why we've decided to "batten down the hatches," cling to each other, and pray-because there's nothing else for us to do. With all this said,  we are tired, we are beyond exasperation, and just need a change in our situation.  Whether it's through adoption, InVitro, or a miraculous miracle from the heavens, SOMETHING has to change for 2014.  

So, what is a couple to do without sounding crazy-desperate?  

We do something crazy-desperate and declare now until December 31st, a time to "Pray for Baby Mayo."  (We wouldn't mind if you prayed for baby Mayos-yes, plural ;-)  If you are willing, we are asking all fellow saints, brother's and sister's, friends, and family members to join us everyday in a prayer of healing-emotionally, mentally, and physically-as well praying that our household would be blessed with children in 2014.  We know Papa-God has something amazing in store for us and we would love to have you along for the adventure. 

Thank you in advance and let's watch something amazing happen!

The above is displayed in our house as a constant reminder of what's to come!

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