Friday, November 8, 2013

The Schlueter Family Story~Part 1

My name is Casie Schlueter and I was asked to share my story of how our son with Down syndrome came into our lives and how it changed us. I wanted to share some of the thoughts and feelings we had right after we found out that our son had Down syndrome when he was born. I copied some of the blog posts from my blog on the day he was born and a few days following. I also include the reflection I had when he was a year old and how things are going currently. Thank you for wanting to learn more about our lives.

Our very first blog post after Vollen was born.

We would like to announce the arrival of our son, Vollen Van Schlueter. Vollen was born at 4:38PM at Lakeside Hospital. He weighed in at 8lbs. 3.9oz and was 20.75 inches long. Casie was in labor for 10 hours before she receive any pain management and taken in for surgery. Casie is doing well with her recovery except for dealing with the extreme warmth of the room and some discomforts following the surgery. We are in a hospital room with no windows at this time so we are hoping to get moved to another room so that we can see some of the sun tomorrow. Vollen is a quiet little guy and is spending the night in the nursery. We were informed that Vollen has Down's Syndrome and we expect to receive more information regarding the function of his vital organs over the next few days. Tomorrow,Vollen is to be sent to BerganMercy Hospital to be seen by neonatal specialists for additionaltests and closer monitoring. I just checked on Vollen in the nursery and he is sleeping soundly. I just looked over to Casie and she is sharing that same state of calm. We will be sure to keep everyone updated.

Before the hospital.

Baby Vollen arrives!!!

The Schlueter Family of Four
Stay tuned tomorrow for part 2!
and this unspeakable gift of motherhood... it's an honor. a dream. and not documenting it...capturing every moment...bottling it up to save forever...would be irresponsible. ~ Kelle Hampton

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