Friday, June 21, 2013

Continuing Our Story

Whenever you think your story is about to end, another chapter presents itself.  Our story continues as we have been given the green light to "make way for baby"-LOVE my doctors enthusiasm for us!  I have received a clear bill of health in the baby making department and was told to "actively try and have fun" as much as possible-LOVE my doctors humor about the situation!  We now are faced with my husbands "issue" (read his story here:
and how we should proceed.  It has been said that Invitro is the only way to go.  The procedure seems so cold and detached and SUPER expensive-a little too expensive for a teacher and a electrician.  Yet, we are hopeful that the doctors will give us wisdom in this area as to who to see and work with, and that God would give us a clear and peaceful decision.  

How's your story coming along?  I would love to know we're not alone in this battle for baby.  Would you think about sharing your story on our blog?  It would mean the world to us and those reading it who might be in the same situation your are and just need a little encouragement.  Think about it and email us at:

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