Thursday, November 6, 2014

Update on Nick and Kassie~Part 4

It's been two whole weeks since our InVitro procedures and last post.  And let me tell you something, it's been an emotional roller coaster!  So much is happening in your body during this time that you feel strangely detached and yet 100% invested in the everyday goings-on's.  After the insemination, I took three days to hole up in the house and rest.  While this is considered an "old school rule"-laying for 3 days-I wasn't going to take any chances even though my doc said I could go back to work after 2 days.  Invested family members and friends took turns keeping me company or bringing us food.  This helped out a TON and I'm so glad I said "yes" to their help. (if you have individuals in your life that want to do this for you-let them)

Going back to work was a little harder than I imagined as every movement felt like some sort of endangerment to the embryos within me.  I was also given estrogen pills and Cronin to take everyday which means, crazy-strong emotions, crying for no reason, and bouts of anger.  From what I hear, everyone is different and reacts differently to the medications.  Three days into the work week,  I began to bleed.  There was immediate shock and then overwhelming fear.  My doctor had me come in for blood test every other day the following week and we kept a close eye on the situation.
Eight days went by and I had never felt more like a failure in my life.  My body, for some reason, was rejecting all the hard work, prayers, and hopes that went into this InVitro process.  Yet, we still held on to hope and each other.   Nick was truly amazing.  Even though his worst fears were coming true, everyday he woke up and every night before he fell asleep, Nick would lay hands on my belly and pray.  He would thank God for the babies He was creating within me and would ask that our fears would turn into joy.  While our doctor has yet to rule anything out, she is asking me to continue taking the medications and wait two weeks until we get an accurate answer.

Two weeks.  Seems longer than the 9 years we've been trying to get pregnant.  
Yet, we will wait, we will hope, and we will pray. 

Stay tuned, we will be posting again in two weeks!
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