Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lucas and Kelli's Story

Bringing Home Baby

Though our story felt to us like it was one of lonely originality and that no one else on the planet could understand what we were going through, it really was one that was shared by many. I hope that through sharing our experiences and journey at least one couple out there will feel like they are not alone and that there is plan for every family. Here begins our rollercoaster ride…

Lucas and I had been married for three years and it came time that the “itch” to start our family began. We tried the conventional way for a year without success. We then enlisted the help of doctors. First I went and had blood work and the ever so fun “dye test”. All clear, one hurdle of success! However, Lucas went next and we weren’t so lucky. Things weren’t working properly so, he underwent surgery to fix
his “system”. The doctors said to wait for about a year and that things should balance themselves out. Another year went by, and officially we had been trying for two years. However, even after patiently waiting and continuing our efforts, conceiving a baby still wasn’t working traditionally as it does for so many others. The sad and mad emotions had begun a year in, but they were becoming more and more prevalent. It didn’t help that our friends around us seemed to be getting pregnant by snapping their fingers. Friends who had been trying for two months or so without success felt that they could relate to our waiting, but really they couldn’t. Two months and two years are very different breeds of time with an anxiously awaiting couple. We know they meant well, but it was more frustrating than anything. Then you start to watch news reports with a different view; teen pregnancies, cases of abuse and neglect…it was all too much! REALLY?! How could it be possible for these people to bring babies into the world instead of us? We had a stable and loving marriage, great jobs, amazing families…what was wrong with us?

So, we headed into year three with more doctor trips. This time we decided to try the IVF route. Due to past medical issues with Lucas we weren’t eligible for a less invasive procedure like artificial insemination. We prayed and prayed and felt that this was the next path we were meant to take. Thus began a regimented dose of drugs that added some loops and spins to the rollercoaster ride! The added emotional loops and shots (literally) were less than fun, but the possible end result made it worthwhile to push through. Sadly our first attempt failed, as did our second attempt. It’s amazing how you can want something so intensely. After two failed IVF’s, depletion of emotions, and depletion of the bank account we were feeling pretty hopeless. What was God’s plan for us? We prayed, we thought we were listening…what did this mean for us? All I knew for sure was that we were meant to be parents, I felt it deep in my soul and heart. We took a little break and a vacation to regroup emotionally and reconnect as a couple. Infertility is not only heart wrenching, but causes new rifts in a relationship. We had had such emotional ups and downs we needed to take a moment to get back to us; reflect on why we fell in love, why and how we make a great team, all that we had overcome and accomplished as a couple, and God’s path for us. After some healing time we decided to attend an international adoption informational meeting. We had no plan or vision we simply went for information.

Who knew that we would walk out with God pulling on our heartstrings? It was a
different feeling than we had ever had before. We sat out on our patio afterwards
and talked for a solid two hours about adoption. What would our family think? How could we finance this endeavor? What country was speaking to us? We talked for the next few weeks about adoption. It was a topic that seemed to come up daily for us, as did the country of Vietnam. We talked, prayed, talked, and prayed, until finally we made the decision that this must be how God wanted our family to be created. And so began the paperwork chase of international adoption! That is whole other story, but it ended with bringing home our beautiful daughter Corinne. 

She was 8 ½ months old when we first met her in Vietnam and she is now 4 ½ years old. She is the most amazing thing that could have ever happened to us and I couldn’t imagine our family without her. God knew what He was doing the whole time, He was just waiting for us to really listen and figure it out. And I do believe with my whole heart that everything we had to go through had a purpose. We learned something new about ourselves individually, about each other, about us as a couple, and how not to take for granted all that you’re blessed with. We are a happy family of three now! Soon to be four as we begin the adoption process again, this time waiting to meet our son or daughter in Korea. Adoption is not the path for everyone, but this is how our story ended and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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  1. Beautiful story Kelli and Lucas! And thank you again Kassie for sharing!